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Aug 16, 2022·

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Hi, I'm T-Rekt (also known as Viet Thao)

I'm the "jack of all trades". I do web development, pentesting, reverse engineering, hardware & IoT research, algorithm,...but not the king of anything.

Social profiles:


  • Learned web security from 2016 - 2018, did some security reports.
  • Working on some web pet project & Facebook tools from 2017 - 2018. Learned web development skills (ability to use git, heroku, MEVN stack...).
  • Actively researched Facebook API from 2017 - 2018. Learned web & proxy debugging skills (ability to use Fiddler, Burpsuite, Chrome devtools efficiently).
  • Practicing algorithm and participating in ICPC and olympiad contests from 2018-2021. Ability to code common algorithm in C++.
  • Reversing Android apps from 2018 - now. Learned Android & native libs reverse engineering skills (ability to use jadx, JEB debugger, IDA pro, gdb,...).
  • Learning hardware & IoT security from 2021 - now. Learned electronics & basic hardware debugging skills (measuring signal using oscilloscope, UART, dumping firmware from flash chip).


  • 2016: Reported an Information Disclosure bug to CGV: writeup
  • 2016: Joined J2TEAM - Became an admin of J2TEAM Community
  • 2017: Google Developer Groups Hackathon Hanoi: 2nd prize
  • 2018: Reported a bug in mobile topup feature to Vietnamobile: writeup
  • 2019: Hacked an anonymous Q&A app on Facebook: writeup
  • 2019: Facebook Whitehat thanks page:
  • 2019 - 2020: Intership at Viettel Cyber Security for 4 months
  • 2020 Global Cybersecurity Camp participant & Robust Protocol challenge winner:
  • 4 years ICPC Asia participant (2018 - 2021): 3rd prize in National round
  • 2019 - now: Working for Cobwebs Technologies as a Researcher
  • 2022: Hacked an IP Camera: writeup

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